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title: Barbarian
platform(s): Linux/Mac/Windows
type: game
language: English
started: 3/21/2003
version: 1.01/1.05/2.00
status: released
The evil sorcerer Drax desires Princess Mariana and has sworn to wreak an unspeakable doom on the people of the Jewelled City unless she is delivered to him.

However, he has agreed that if a champion can be found who is able to defeat his demonic guardians, the princess will be allowed to go free. All seems lost as champion after champion is defeated.

Then, from the forgotten wastelands of the North, comes an unknown barbarian, a mighty warrior, wielding his broadsword with deadly skill. Can he vanquish the forces of Darkness and free the Princess? Only you can say...

12MB hard disk space
SDL 1.2 installed in /usr/local/lib
Mac OS X
16MB hard disk space
SDL 1.2.7 installed in /usr/local/lib
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
DirectX 7
40MB hard disk space

version filesize
Barbarian for Linux 1.01 921194
Barbarian for Mac 1.05 4779607
Barbarian for Windows 2.00 8418832

Barbarian is a remake of the classic game on various 8 and 16 bit systems (C64/Amiga/ST/etc). You can play the original game on an emulator.

Palace Software
Gary Carr (Original Amiga graphics)
Jo Walker (Original Amiga graphics)
Uglyfiers (Edwin Bos and Thomas Bolhuis)
Docteur Prepu
Edwin Bos
Thomas Bolhuis
Richard Joseph (Original Amiga sounds)
Various other sources (Linux and Mac versions)

+ new feature; = changed feature; - removed feature; * bugfix

v2.00 (January 7, 2009) (Windows)
+ cool remix of the original soundtrack
+ 3 new graphics sets to choose from
+ you can change outfit color of players
+ shadows
= sounds effects from original Amiga version are used
= different outfit colors for barbarians
v1.05 (July 26, 2004) (Mac)
+ music: cool remix of the original soundtrack
+ customizable controls
+ you can turn on/off the sound and/or music
+ volume control
v1.00 (November 11, 2003) (Windows)
+ initial release
v1.01 (September 30, 2003) (Linux)
+ initial release
v1.01 (September 11, 2003) (Mac)
+ Command-Q quits the program
= new controls
* characters land at the correct location when doing the flying neck chop
* a decapitated head keeps moving when the goblin reaches the end of a corpse
v1.00a (September 3, 2003) (Mac)
+ initial release